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When it comes to losing weight, people tend to get better results when they are training in a group environment such as a bootcamp or large training group,. That is although the personal approach of 1-1 personal training is great especially when you get to focus all of your time on one client, what we generally find as personal trainers.North Brisbane personal training bootcamp

Boot camps are incredibly popular nowadays and 2012 will discover more and more of these popping up just about everywhere. actually many businesses who run Boot Camps runs them in tandem with Fitness or Small Group training. You will often find that 1-1 personal training clients will also get automatic free access to boot camps as well because most trainers know that even though you can get great results training people 1-1, that when they add boot-camp or group training to the mix that it really ups the results ten fold.North Brisbane personal training bootcamp

Here are just of the reasons why choosing boot-camp or small group training over 1-1 fitness may be a better selection for you.

You may cut costs - Group personal training in their nature will be cheaper because the trainers time is split between more people. If you were training 1-1 with a typical personal trainer in the UK it would cost you around £350 per month for 2 sessions a week, whereas you can get 3 sessions a week training the same trainer at a boot-camp for around £97 per month. Lots of trainers even offer guaranteed results making use of their bootcamps, so you can be assured of obtaining results also.

You are going to continue to work harder in a group - Training along with other like minded individuals who also have the same goals could make you work harder. It's natural that you simply will not wish to look bad facing people and that will inspire you to work as hard as you can. You simply will not want to be the only person stopping when all others is still going strong.

Pre-made support network. All with the same struggles and temptations, - Group training like a boot camp is great because you have a support network of people going through the same weight loss journey. Which means you can talk to your fellow trainers concerning this and support each other.

Meet new friends. - This can be something that you don't be able to do when training 1-1 with a personal trainer or when your working out at the gym. Our exercise sessions at many bootcamps are designed to allow you to get to work together with other individuals.

If you have a friend, partner or a family member who want to lose some weight as well them group of bootcamp training could be something that you could do together, train with existing friends -. Working together on a shared goal can be very rewarding and it offers you an instant accountability partner that can help you stay around the narrow and straight.

Try before you buy - Most boot camps in the UK and the United States will let you try it for free for a week before deciding if it's for you. Before making a commitment, this means you can get a feel for it and try out some of the exercises.

Social proof -If you see other people getting results week on week then that will push you harder to not get left behind.

You can find many boot camps running through the country therefore i urge you to consider these as a great way losing those last few pounds that you have been struggling with.